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网上买球软件's 输液 Therapy Center combines warm, personalized care with the latest technology. Situated in a bright and spacious suite in 网上买球软件, the center is designed to provide the utmost in comfort and convenience.

The space dedicated for this service allows for more privacy and faster service. The unit includes eight reclining chairs, 个人电视, 管道的音乐, and its own separate blood draw and testing station for oncology patients. A separate area is provided for private consultations with a dietitian, nurse or social worker.

In the 输液 Therapy Center, we've brought together a team of skilled professionals who provide our cancer patients with comprehensive care and genuine caring. Our team includes three full-time medical oncologists.

They're backed by a lineup of highly qualified healthcare providers, including diagnostic radiology, 手术, 放射肿瘤学, 整形手术, 病理, nursing and counseling. This "team approach" means that you can access the services you need in the most convenient, 及时的方式.

A 16-member committee oversees our cancer program. They review patient care evaluations, reports from the 网上买球软件 and Maryland tumor registries and quality assurance reports. The tumor registry at 网上买球软件 tracks the care of cancer patients from their initial visit and continues to monitor their after care.

For more information about the 输液 Therapy Center at 网上买球软件, call 410.535.8276.